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inglis formula for runoff

inglis formula for runoff
16 Ocak 2021 - 20:47

4) Inglis’sformula : developed for western India. Runoff or streamflow comprises the gravity movement of water in P-Annual rainfall in mm. For Ghat regions of western India, R = 0.85 P – 30.5 2. Inglish formula is derived by using the data of rivers of Mahashtra, where it is commonly used. b) Inglis formula for areas of Maharashtra For ghat region, For plain region, R = 0.88 P – 304.8 R = (P-177.8) x P / 2540 R = P - 4.811 T Run-off over the catchment = rainfall x coefficient 10. Inglis and Disooza (1929) [6] developed regional formula between annual runoff (R) in cm and annual rainfall (P) in cm for different regions of India, given as: 1. Empirical formulae a) Khosla’s formula R-Annual run-off in mm. best estimates, followed by the Khosla`s formula, the rational method was the last. empirical runoff estimation method including Dredge & Burge, Bourges, Inglis, Faning, Hyderabad, Burkli Ziegler, Cramar and Possenti were calculated in Bakhtegan watershed which is located in Fars province. 5) Khosla’sformula: developed for time period of the month. From rainfall records 2. 1) Sir Inglis Formula: Ghats fed Catchment (i.e. the western slopes of western Ghats receiving heavy rain from the south west monsoon winds). It is not as sophisticated as the SCS TR-55 method, but is the most common method used for sizing sewer systems. T-mean temperature in ˚C. The Rational equation is the simplest method to determine peak discharge from drainage basin runoff. After studying empirical methods for annual flood flow rate estimation and comparing the Ali Nawab Jang Bahadur formula: ( 0.993Q= CA - 1/14 log A) Where, Q= Discharge in Cumec A=area of catchment insq .km 10 124 A A Q P Contd… Originally developed for the catchments in Western Ghats in Maharashtra At present this is used all over in Maharashtra with a modification in the numerator (the value of 124) Following formulae are used to calculate the rainfall-runoff relationship. Khosla’srelationship for runoff estimation is given by Rm = Pm –Lm Lm = 0.48 Tm ( Tm > 4.5OC ) Rm = monthly runoff in cm Pm = monthly rainfall in cm Lm = monthly losses in cm Tm = … To Calculate Runoff for Morbe Dam Project, The INGLIS Method is used. Inglis formula (1930) Where Q p = maximum flood discharge (m 3 /s) A = catchment area (km 2) 4. Some of the leading empirical formulae for estimating the storm water (or rain water) flow or runoff are given below: Inglis formula was derived by using the data of catchment areas or drainage areas of Maharashtra where it is commonly used. INGLIS AND DE SOUZA'S, LACEY'S, PARKER'S BRITISH AND USA, AND TAPI BASIN Formula use for corelationship. Qe= 0.7356 P- 12 Where, Qe= Estimated runoff in cms P= Rainfall in inch The results obtained from the above empirical formula are shown in Appendix: 3, In which it is shown that there is a huge difference between estimated and observed runoff, So INGLIS Inglis formula: • Q= 124 A = 124 A ½ √A + 10.4 Where Q= discharge in cumec A= area of catchment in Sq.. Km. Rational Equation: Q=ciA The Rational equation requires the following units: R= 0.85 P - 30.5 Where in, R= Runoff (in mm) P= Precipitation (in mm) 2) Khosla’s Formula:

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