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rubber lip pleco l number

rubber lip pleco l number
16 Ocak 2021 - 20:47

The Aquarium Catfish Website. This type of pleco is very low-maintenance and a lot of fun to care for. Has this page been useful? Bulldog Pleco (L187b) (Chaestostoma thomasi) originate from the streams, river tributaries and floodplains of northern South America and the Amazon. For example, you mentioned “rubber lip” plecos. He does come out, but spends a lot of time in his cave. Rubber Lip Plecostomus at PetSmart. Loricariidae is the largest family of catfish (order Siluriformes), with 92 genera and just over 680 species. They are widely collected for the aquarium hobby as they are easy to care for and have an attractive pattern and coloration. Some species, like the L046 Zebra and L177 Gold Nugget plecos, are brilliantly colored and command high prices in stores. This categorising of the Pleco fish into L-numbers is not a formal scientific designation, but allowed people at the time to identify a common name for each species. It was not a baby but not full grown yet - probably about 3" long. South American catfishes (Everything else), Please donate to our monthly hosting costs. Though my fiancé has seen the tank we bought in his previous home many times and we didn't even know it had a pleco! Freshwater Plecostomus, Plecos for sale, rare plecos for sale, L number plecos for sale Shipped to your door from our farm since 1987. Discover (and save!) Most L333 King Tiger Plecos are tank raised in … Well at least my searching skills havent gotten worse and Im not the only one who has had trouble finding info on this fish. I'm not sure what is wrong with my Rubber Lip Pleco, but I think it is a fungal infection, so I'm treating with API Pimafix. Obviously, these species like to hide from time to time, especially during the day. Rubber lip plecos can grow to 10 cm, and basically outgrow that size of tank. Plecos are all nocturnal, so they mostly hide and rest when the lights are on, and come out to do their business when the lights are off. A 20 gallon would be much better to house a single one. Some L-numbers have been used for multiple species, so it is always best to check the scientific name if they now have one, or the common name of the species you are purchasing. Many plecostomus can breathe air due to modifications in their digestive tracts. However, they have been found in smaller rivers and streams that tie in with these larger rivers as well. Other common names for this fish are the rubber lipped pleco and the rubbernose pleco. Rubber lip plecos (Chaetostoma milesi) are a freshwater fish that come from South America. Bought what was sold as a Rubber Liped Pleco today ( yay me), and I asked what other naming information she could give me and she said the L-number was L-146. Usual size in fish tanks: 18 - 27 cm (7.09 - 10.63 inch) 0 14. Bought what was sold as a Rubber Liped Pleco today ( yay me), and I asked what other naming information she could give me and she said the L-number was L-146. This species can primarily be found in the Magdalena River in Columbia and the Apure River in Venezuela. you see i have a hundered gallon tank with red devils plecos manguese and some other little fish and i wanted to get a rubber lip pleco You must log in or register to reply here. Posted 23-Jan-2009 03:11 : cichlidaddicted Small Fry Posts: 14 Kudos: 9 Votes: 0 Registered: 07-Oct-2008. Well according to, rubber lipped pleco and L-146 are two different species. Jun 5, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Michael Parker. In fact there are at least 13 known species of rubber NOSE plecos, each with vastly different sizes, colour variations and care requirements. These rivers undergo a fair amount o… Shop all fish goldfish, betta & more online You might also see it listed (incorrectly) as L146 or (correctly) as L187b, a naming convention from the Aqualog fish magazines. Rubber Lip Pleco. Nov 23, 2014 - Rubber Lip Pleco. Recommended water hardness (dGH): 5 - 14°N (89.29 - 250ppm) 0°C 32°F 30°C 86°F. Rubber LIpped Pleco? your own Pins on Pinterest tank he was checking everything out and all the good hiding places. That is completely normal behavior for any pleco to seem shy. Images are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder. or possibly the link to a profile, ive looked on this site but nothing for a fish by that name. He would hide, then come back out to scavenge like any pleco would. They are sold under a variety of common names including: Thomasi Pleco, Striped Bulldog Pleco, Rubber Pleco, Rubbernose Pleco, Rubber Lip Pleco and L187b Plec… Images are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder. Recommended pH range for the species: 6.2 - 7.4. your own Pins on Pinterest Like most plecos, these exotic aquarium fish need some driftwood in the fish tank. Bulldog Pleco, Chaetostoma Pleco, Gold-Fin Suckermouth, Head-Spotted Chaestostoma, Plecostomus Chaetostoma Pleco L-187A, Rubber Face Pleco, Spotted Bulldog. For a full list of pleco L-numbers and care requirements, see this link (coming very soon) L-Number List Many Thanks to Scott for writing the majority of this article, also thanks to everyone who contributed. Please donate to our monthly hosting costs and keep us free for everyone to enjoy!Explore our YouTube channel, Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. Jun 5, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Shippingexpert. I brought a Rubber Lip Pleco home Saturday afternoon from the LPS. Patreon:'s a Rubber Lip Pleco in my 55 gallon Planted Gourami Tank. I have a rubber lip, I've only had him a few weeks as he came with the tank I bought, he's more shy but this is maybe because of moving homes and getting used to it. Scientists use a system of “L” or “LDA” numbers to identify plecostomus species, and at present, there are over 500 numbers with more being added each year. Supplement with New Life Spectrum … Recommended temperature: 24 - 30 °C (75.2 - 86°F) The way how these fish reproduce: Spawning . Food: Some Green Hair or Filamentous Algae, Algae on Glass, Plants and Rocks. That looks just like what I bought as a rubberlipped pleco. These are generally really shy fish, but such a welcome addition to a medium sized tank to keep the algae down. I bought a small Rubber Lipped Pleco 3 weeks ago and I've never seen him eat anything other than algae off the tank decoration. Couldnt they just start all over with a new naming system? Cichlid Kid Fish Addict Posts: 553 Kudos: 285 Votes: 34 Registered: 22-May-2004 . Would an L-pleco be suitable for me? JavaScript is disabled. Sometimes planetcatfish can be overwhelming when you only have a common name. Well according to. Rubber Lip Pleco Care T Lifespan Tank Size And More Www Aquariumfashion Com Rubber Lip Plecostomus Fish Goldfish Betta More Petsmart Celestial Swimmers The Wet Spot Tropical Fish Rubberlip Pleco Chaetostoma Milesi Photos How To Best Care For A Rubber Lip Pleco Aquariadise What To Know Before Getting A Rubber Lipped Pleco Aquanswers What To Know Before Getting A Rubber Lipped Pleco … So he must of hid a lot there too. Common name: Rubber pleco. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); © 1996 - 2021, part of the Aquatic Republic Network group of websites. More than 400 species of Loricariidae currently have L-Numbers and are still are being discovered and assigned regularly. Our Privacy Policy. L-333 King Tiger Pleco The L333 King Tiger Pleco, also called the gold tiger pleco, has a color pattern similar to the L46 zebra pleco but with a gold background instead of white. Cite this website.By accessing this site you agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use. Rubber LIpped Pleco? The first L-number was published in 1988. The body/head shape are pretty similar. From everything I have seen on the web, you have a rubberlipped. While this fish has been common for a while now in the aquarium trade, the Rubbernose Pleco continues to be misidentified, often as C. thompsoni, a rare species that has likely never been exported. Family: Loricariidae. C-Numbers | CW-Numbers | LDA-Numbers | 10 | 25 | 50 | 100 | Next | ∞l001+ | l016+ | l029+ | L045+ | L061+ | l077+ | l093+ | L109+ | L125+ | L138+ | L154+ | L170+ | L185+ | L198+ | L213+ | L229+ | L246+ | L262+ | L278+ | L294+ | L310+ | L326+ | L342+ | L358+ | L374+ | L390+ | L406+ | L422+ | L447+ | L463+ | l479+ | l494+ | l510+. Jun 25, 2018 - The Aquarium Catfish Website. Here is a link about rubber lipped plecos...but your's doesn't look like the one in this link! When he got into the 36gal. That's the spotted version. He's doing a great job cleaning everything but I don't want him to starve. These fish eat a lot of aquarium algae and will spend most of their time at the bottom of the tank (no surprise there). does anyone have any info on a "rubber lipped pleco"? The L-number system is a semi-scientific classification system of catfish based on photographs of shipments of tropical catfish of the family Loricariidae published by the German aquarium magazine DATZ (Die Aquarien- und Terrarienzeitschrift (The Aquarium and Terrarium Magazine)). Discover (and save!) Size: up to 5 inches in about 4-5 plus years Temp: 72-82F pH: 6.5-7.5 dH: 8-12 Origin: Columbia, South America. The Rubber Lip Pleco is a great choice for aquarists of all experience levels. All Rights Reserved. When discussing plecos it’s a good idea to use the L number system to identify them. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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